Smart School

The pilot project is implemented in school №3 and school №15 of Astana.

The goal of this The goal of this project is to ensure the safety and automate school processes.

Smart school is comprised of the following components: ACMS (Access Control and Management System), video surveillance, e-canteen, e-library and personal account.

Control of access to the school building, sending SMS notifications to phones of parents about student attendance.

Video surveillance system
Monitoring in real time, manual/automatic recording, playback and storage of video information, integration with complex life support system

Introduction of electronic payment in canteen provides an opportunity to control rations of students by means of personal account.

Use of electronic database of books, quick search of information in library collection, electronic reader cards, faster process of book issuance.

Personal account
Interaction with the subsystem of the project, which allows parents to see the statistics of visits to the school, number of delays, history of use of library resources and expenditure statistics in canteen and buffet

Expected results:

  • 1

    Prevention of access of unauthorized persons to the school building;

  • 2

    Prevention of emergency situations;

  • 3

    Convenience of serving students in school canteens, use of money granted to students for lunch only for its intended purpose;

  • 4

    Modern technologies will make use of library more attractive;

  • 5

    Recording and storage of materials of video surveillance and access control system within the regulated term.

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