Open Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Bus

Global growth of use of smartphones and tablets imposes its conditions - residents of cities and villages have real need for high-speed mobile Internet anywhere.

The "Open Wi-Fi" project has been implemented as part of "Smart Astana" and has operated since 2011. The project is a city network providing open access to the Internet.

Contemporary technological trends and pace of people's life require access to high-speed mobile Internet anywhere. With this fact in mind, "Astana Innovations" regularly holds activities to provide the Internet in public places of the city.

Nowadays, within the Memorandum of Understanding, "The one capital" company, which is the partner of "Astana innovations" JSC, has provided free access to Internet in 24 public places of Astana. They include: square of "Baiterek" monument, "Nurzhol" Water-Green Boulevard, "Round square" park, embankment of Yessil River, Old town square, Astana International Airport, Railway station, "Saparzhay Astana" bus station, "Alau" ice palace as well as restaurants and shopping centers.

Within this project, 15 thousand people use free Internet in public places everyday and 300 thousand people - every month.

Local entrepreneurs supported this initiative: results of monitoring of "Astana Innovations" JSC show that all major public institutions of Astana (shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, libraries) provide clients with free Internet to increase their competitiveness.

List of public places with free Internet access provided by "Open Wi-fi" project:

  • 1

    Square of "Baiterek" monument

  • 2

    "Nurzhol" Water-Green Boulevard

  • 3

    "Round Square" park

  • 4

    International Airport of Astana

  • 5

    "Saparzhay Astana" bus station

  • 6

    Railway station

  • 7

    "Alau" ice palace

  • 8

    Yessil River embankment (from Capital Park pedestrian bridge to "Ramstore" mall)

  • 9

    Old Square (Abai avenue - Beybitshilik street - Kenessary street)

  • 10

    Respublika avenue - from "Ramstore" mall to Kenessary street (left side), from SI "Nazarbayev center" to Kenessary street (right side)

  • 11

    "Asia Park" SEC (food court)

  • 12

    "Aruzhan" SEC (food court)

  • 13

    "Keruen" SEC (food court)

  • 14

    "Mega" SEC (food court)

  • 15

    "Saryarka" SEC (food court)

  • 16

    "Khan Shatyr" SEC

  • 17

    "Sine Tempore" SEC

  • 18

    Ansar BC

  • 19

    Eurocentres BC

  • 20

    Public Service Center in St. Petersburg BC

  • 21

    KazPost in St. Petersburg BC

  • 22

    Cafes: "KFC", "Hardee's", "CostaCoffee" (Republic avenue)

  • 23

    "Turpan" Cafe

  • 24

    "Choyhana №1" Lounge Bar

  • 25

    "Astana Nury" Restaurants

  • 26

    "Sattі" Restaurant (summer terrace)

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