Intelligent Contact Center Astana

Intelligent Contact Center is one of the subsystems of CLSS (Complex Life Support System of Astana).

The goal of this project is to provide residents with efficient communication with city services and institutions.

The center will perform professional processing of incoming requests received by the city services (institutions of the Akimat, municipal, emergency and dispatching services, referral services of the city, etc.).

Intelligent Contact Center will allow to:

  • 1

    centralize all request of citizens;

  • 2

    expand methods of informing the population about city services;

  • 3

    provide receipt of requests through all types of communication channels (phone, email, web-portal and social network);

  • 4

    provide high-quality and fast processing of all requests of applicants with consideration of priority of requests and established regulatory terms for certain types of requests;

  • 5

    keep statistics on the efficient provision of city services.

How to send an appeal:

  • Log in to the portal and click on "Send appeal" button
  • Fill out and submit the electronic application form.
  • In the personal account ("My appeals" section) review application processing notification, which is received within specified time
  • You can also contact Intelligent Contact Center of Astana by calling 109 to get an information about decision regarding your appeal
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