Smart Street lighting

The site for execution of "pilot" project was Enbekshіler street in Yessil district of Astana.

The goal of this project is to reduce energy consumption and street lighting operating expenses.

System of street lighting provides a flexible configuration of operating modes. Manager can set the schedule of turning on/off lighting as well as choose automatic mode, which determines the moment of turning on/off according to the amount of light. Data on the status of lamps and operating mode as well as system management tools are displayed on the monitor of the manager.

Dimming function provides control over the consumption of the load of lighting equipment. The software provides the opportunity to dim each lamp individually as well as selected group of lamps. Communication is provided by means of both wireless (radio, GSM) and wired technologies (PLC).

During demonstration of Smart projects to Giuliano Pizapia, the mayor of Milan, Nurali Aliyev, Deputy Akim of the city, emphasized that "Smart "street lighting" can become one of the key projects of "EXPO-2017" international specialized exhibition".

Expected results:

  • 1

    Energy savings up to 48%,

  • 2

    Additional energy savings of 13.6% due to dimming of 50% of lighting.

  • 3

    Significant reduction of expenses on maintenance team and visual inspection since the system transfers information about state of lamps to the monitor of the manager.

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