Smart polyclinic

The pilot project is implemented in "City polyclinic №4" in Astana.

Appointment can be booked online on №4 Astana polyclinic website

The goal of this project is to improve operation of healthcare industry by means of automation of internal and external processes.

"Smart polyclinic" project ensures uninterruptable provision of medical services and improves primary healthcare by providing timely, relevant and reliable medical information.

One of the main issues solved by "Smart polyclinic" is providing a doctor with medical instrument that contains all necessary elements for making right diagnostics decisions.

Thanks to the project, productivity of a laboratory will increase significantly and unified database of research results resulting from integration of laboratory informational system with medical informational system of medical and preventive treatment facility will provide test results for all doctors treating the given patient.

Expected results:

  • 1

    Reduction of queues;

  • 2

    Reduction of medical errors during prescribing and appointing to a doctor;

  • 3

    Improvement of accuracy, efficiency and informational content of diagnostic research leading to reduction of cases of acute exacerbation of chronic diseases for a certain period of time as well as general reduction of morbidity;

  • 4

    Increase of conformity of treatment to established standards.

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