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Smart Astana

Smart Astana – concept for sustainable development of the capital, which is implemented within the Road map under the instruction of the Head of the state No. 01-7.6 dated April 22, 2013 “On the need for working out an actions plan concerning entry of Astana city into the top list of 50 “smart cities” of the world”.

Smart City improves life quality of its citizens

Program is aimed to improvement of life quality and human wellbeing, improvement and upgrade of infrastructure of Astana city, as well as improvement of public safety level.

Sustainable and self-reliant city feed by innovations and new technologies

The Smart Astana project is based on a development model of European smart cities, which is based on interaction of 6 qualities:
Smart economy, Smart management, Smart life, Smart mobility, Smart people and Smart environment. A synergy of all that operative qualities provides the Concept for “Smart city”. According to the world practice “Smart city” is the effective control instrument as related to energy saving, service charges for public utilities and reduction of accidents risks on the roads.

Today “Astana Innovations” JSC had implemented 4 pilot projects of “Smart city” with the support of Astana city`s Akimat:
“Smart polyclinic”, “Smart school”, “Smart street lighting” and “Smart payments”. Financing through investment money is the key point of implementation.

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